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Technological Innovation

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  For the purpose of reaching the level of advanced international technology, Shandong Gold Group, depending on post-doctoral research workstations, academician workstations, nationally recognized enterprise technology centers and Shandong Deep Sea Ecological Gold Mining Engineering Technology Research Center, cooperates with well-known Chinese and foreign research institutes and universities to carry out industry-university-research docking so as to improve its capability of independent innovation and technological research and development. We work hard to develop core competitive advantage and actively undertake major national, provincial and ministerial-level technological research projects. Our independently-developed technologies, such as deep exploration, smart exploration, exploration under the sea and in deep wells, smart mining, digital mines, zero discharge of cyanide-containing wastewater, and the full gold dressing core technology in gold refining, and a few other scientific and technological achievements have achieved the advanced level in the world. Since 1996, the group has won six second national prizes for progress in science and technology, one third national prize for progress in science and technology and 150 scientific and technological awards at provincial and ministerial level.

Technological Innovation


Technological Innovation


Technological Innovation

  Shandong Gold Group, by making advancing resource development and site exploration a priority, holds the commanding heights of discussion technology in China and explores and obtains world-class gold deposit. Given the rich gold resources in northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula, we initiated “Comprehensive Site Research and Resources Predictions of the Super Deep Section of the Gold Ore Concentrated Area on Northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula”, a major scientific research project, in 2010, and then two 3,000-meter-deep drill holes and “China’s first rock gold exploration bore well” — a 4,000-meter-ultra-deep drill hole, were drilled.

  To finish the project, Liu Guangding, an academician at Chinese Academy of Sciences, is employed as the chief scientist, and the academicians, experts, engineers and technicians from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Geophysical Exploration Academy of China Metallurgical Geology Bureau are invited and employed to do scientific research and construction. It takes two years and eight months to finish drilling the hole, with a final depth of 4006.17 meters. Through the project, seven scientific research programs, such as regional structural framework, alteration mineralization zonation-genetic mineral features and gold rich laws, have been finished, and gold ore genetic model in northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula has been reestablished, which is helpful for the development of the new theory on regional exploration. Meanwhile, the deepest gold ore body in China, which is over 20-meter-thick, has been discovered in the research area which is 2,600 meters deep, and in the deep part (more than 1,000 meters deep) of three major faults may be the rich concentrated mineralized area with great genetic potentials.

  This project has broken the record of the deepest borehole drilled in rock gold with small-diameter drill in China and set an example for China’s deep exploration of metal minerals. As an important event for deep exploration theory, it is of great practical significance and far-reaching strategic influence to China’s deep exploration of gold ore, to the geological research and genetic model of gold ore, to the collection and interpretation of the deep data on the earth and geography.

Technological Innovation