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Shandong Gold Group Co. Ltd. to Become A Full Member of World Gold Council

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Shandong Gold Group Co. Ltd. to Become A Full Member of World Gold Council

On the afternoon of September 23 (L.T.), the World Gold Council, the market development organization for the gold industry, announced that Shandong Gold Group has now joined the Board as a Member. At the same time, the organization also announced the establishment of its Council in China, and China National Gold Group Co.Ltd., Shandong Gold Group Co. Ltd., Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd., and Shandong Zhaojin Group Co. Ltd. would be members of the Council.

At the reception, the World Gold Council held the ceremony for the Shandong Gold Group to join the organization, for the establishment of its Council in China and for awarding the first Chairman of the Council in China with certificates. Mr Chen Yumin and Mr Song Xin, Chairman of China Gold Group signed an agreement with David Harquail, Chairman of the World Gold Council.

David Harquail said, “The Chinese gold industry has developed phenomenally over the past couple of decades, and China is now the largest producer and consumer of gold globally. As such, we are delighted that the World Gold Council’s membership is expanding, to better reflect the shape of the global gold mining industry. Shandong Gold Group is a leading gold mining company and we are delighted that they have joined the Board.”

Mr. Chen Yumin commented: “The World Gold Council focuses on the realization of far-reaching structural reform with a long-lasting impact on the gold industry. Among the members of the World Gold Council are gold mining companies with forward-looking insights worldwide. This entry is of great significance to Shandong Gold. It not only means the recognition and acceptance of Shandong Gold by the World Gold Council, but also means that our go global strategy has been recognized and respected by the global gold industry. Through joining the World Gold Council, we are now part of an international platform that will enable us to to play a more active and important role and better integrate ourself into the global gold market while continuously enhancing our relationships with global leading gold companies to promote the stable and long-term development of the gold industry in China and worldwide.”

About the World Gold Council: The World Gold Council is the market development organization for the gold industry. Its purpose is to stimulate and sustain demand for gold, provide industry leadership, and be the global authority on the gold market. It creates structural changes in gold demand in different key markets, provides insights into the international gold markets, helping people to understand the investment qualities of gold and its role in meeting the social and environmental needs of society. Its members are the world’s largest and most forward-thinking gold mining companies. After Shandong Gold Group joined the organization, the total number of its members has reached 25.