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SD-Gold Group Participated in CHINA MINING 2018 (the 20th)

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The CHINA MINING 2018 (the 20th) was held in Meijiang Convention Centre, Tianjin, from October 18-20th, 2018. SD-Gold Group was invited to participate in it with the theme of “Shandong Gold Ecological Mining” and “The No. 1 Gold Producer of China”. Li Hongzhong, secretary of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, Lu Hao, minister of Ministry of Natural Resources, Jiang Daming, member of the Standing Committee of the 13th CPPCC National Committee and deputy director of Committee of Population, Resources and Environment, Zhang Guoqing, deputy secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee and the mayor, and other leaders, visited the exhibition hall of the Group. Chen Yumin, the Party secretary and chairman of the Group, Wang Lijun, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Pei Dianfei and He Jiping, deputy general managers, etc. attended the meeting.

Li Hongzhong, Lu Hao and Jiang Daming had cordial exchanges with Chen Yumin, focusing on the strategic layout of SD-Gold during the 13th Five-Year Plan and the effects of internationalization and ecological mining construction, and fully affirming the Group’s business performance and development trend in recent years. During this event, Chen Yumin attended the opening ceremony of the conference and the activity of “Bank of China Night” with the theme of “New Pattern for Opening and New Model for Cooperation”. He met with Carolina, state secretary of Argentina Mining, Diego Ramiro Guelar, Ambassador to China, and their delegation, and made a keynote speech at the Forum of Top Executives of the conference.

In his speech with the theme of “Sharing the Opportunities of the Times, Deepening Pragmatic Cooperation, and Jointly Creating a New Situation for High-Quality Development of Global Mining”, Chen Yumin pointed out that global mining has entered the era of green development and we must adhere to the ecological mining of harmonious coexistence of human and nature. Not only can mining enterprises create great wealth and boost employment, but also can turn the vision of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” into reality, to win the wide understanding and recognition of the public while realizing the substantial increase of economic benefits. He stressed that as global mining enters the intelligent digital age, it is necessary to speed up the transformation of old and new growth drivers of traditional mining, carry out extensive research and popularization of intelligent mining technology for mines, realize intelligent digitalization of mines, to improve the technical strength and level of mines; as the global mining enters the era of win-win cooperation, it is imperative to be open, inclusive and sharing, jointly promote the sustained prosperity and development of the global mining, comprehensively deepen international cooperation in the field of mining industry, strengthen exchanges and communication in various aspects such as scientific and technological innovation and management experience, so as to promote steady and sustainable development of the global mining.

During the conference, Wang Lijun presided over the Intelligent Mine Forum (first half), Pei Dianfei gave a speech as a guest at the 11th Mining Academic Conference of the Mining Forum, He Jiping participated in the Fourth Council Meeting of the Sixth Session of China Mining Association, Du Yunlong, vice president of Business Department of Yantai Mining Industry gave a speech as a guest at the Intelligent Mine Forum. Tianjin TV, Tencent Video, China Business Journal, China Natural Resources News, China Gold News and other media made special reports and interviews on SD-Gold.

The conference was hosted by China Mining Association for the first time. More than 10,000 people, including government officials, experts and scholars, representatives of mining enterprises and financial institutions from 69 countries and regions, attended the conference. During the conference, one keynote forum, ten high-level forums and 50 special forums were held, with annual meeting of the prospectors, annual meeting of mining technologies, the metallogenic theory and the earth sciences sub-forums newly added, and mining project promotion conference for nine countries was held.

A part of the general manager assistants (directors) of SD-Gold Group, the persons in charge from relevant business departments of the Group and relevant departments of the headquarters attended the conference.

SD-Gold Group Participated in CHINA MINING 2018 (the 20th)


SD-Gold Group Participated in CHINA MINING 2018 (the 20th)


SD-Gold Group Participated in CHINA MINING 2018 (the 20th)