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SD-Gold Made a Good Beginning in Gold Production in the First Quarter

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  Since the beginning of 2019, SD-Gold has conscientiously “taken the responsibilities and guaranteed the implementation” according to the provincial government’s requirements and fully implemented the spirit of SD-Gold’s party congress in 2019 in order to achieve the gold production targets of the whole year. As of March 20, SD-Gold has accumulatively completed production of 25.65% of the whole-year gold production target in the first quarter, successfully making a good beginning.

  Firstly, SD-Gold strengthened publicity and promotion to build consensus. By means of issuing “2019 Annual Business Plan”, launching the “Quality Improvement and Efficiency Enhancement” special campaign, and signing the “Annual Business Performance Responsibility Letter” and the “Activity Target Responsibility Letter”, SD-Gold decomposed the indicators at different levels, implemented assessment responsibilities, and strengthened the responsibility awareness of completing the indicators; all units further clarified their goals, unified their thinking, and vigorously promoted the “Gold Entrepreneur”, “SD-Gold Mainstay”, and “SD-Gold Development Spirit”, and created a good atmosphere of “entrepreneurship, embracing responsibility with passion, forging ahead with determination and selfless contribution”.

  Secondly, SD-Gold guaranteed implementation and excavated potential. The Group organized and carried out the “Basic Management Standards” acceptance assessment and the “Quality Improvement and Efficiency Enhancement” special campaign, to promote the enterprise to improve the quality, efficiency and production, starting with improving the basic management level and operation quality; all units carefully checked the production links, found out the "short plank", worked out solutions, deeply explored the intrinsic potential of the enterprise, and accumulated energy to increase production.

  Thirdly, SD-Gold paid higher attention to the front-line production and strengthened supervision. The Group actively promoted service awareness and strengthened front-line research, in order to get a full understanding of the actual situation of the enterprise. Through the identification of key work such as project construction, prospecting and storage increase, technical improvement and perfection of measures, and warrants handling, etc., SD-Gold supervised the implementation of the spirit of a series of meetings in the first quarter, so that all works were advanced quickly and fully implemented.

  Fourthly, SD-Gold implemented the strict management and paid close attention to safety. The Group paid high attention to safety and environmental protection, kept a close eye on “no accidents in safety work and environmental protection” and always put production safety first. Through implementation of special safety inspection activities, the Group strengthened the implementation of responsibilities and strictly fulfilled its duties, thus ensuring the production safety during Spring Festival, NPC & CPPCC, as well as “a good beginning” in gold production in the first quarter.