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SD-Gold to Hold the 2018 Annual Performance Presentation in Switzerland

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  During the European Gold Forum from April 9 to April 12, Chen Yumin, president and secretary of the Party committee of SD-Gold, and Wang Xiaoling, vice president of SD-Gold, respectively communicated with more than ten investment institutions such as Fisch Fund Management, Incrementum AG, Arve Asset Management, Kinross Gold, Glencore, etc. in the manner of one-on-one visit and one-to-many exchanges at the 2018 Annual Performance Presentation in Switzerland.

  At the conference, Chen Yumin first introduced the company’s main work highlights and business performance in 2018 and future development plans, and made a detailed introduction to production, operation and future development direction on Veladero Gold Mine, which investors focused on. Mr. Chen pointed out that in 2018, a key year for SD-Gold to implement the “13th Five-Year Plan”, SD-Gold successfully built the international capital operation platform, continuously accelerated the implementation of the internationalization strategy, and further deepened the cooperation with large international mining companies and institutional investors. Mr. Chen also stated that SD-Gold will tap the potential of domestic mines to fully release its existing production capacity on the one hand, and continue to strengthen international operations to return investors with excellent business performance on the other hand.

  During the conference, the company’s managementfully communicated with investors on hot issues such as overseas mergers and acquisitions, future capital expenditures, dividend policy and production cost control, etc. The institutional investors and international mining companies attending the meeting strongly recognized SD-Gold’s leading position in the domestic gold industry and its ranking among the international mining companies, and expressed their confidence in SD-Gold’s dominant position and development prospects in the future. Meanwhile, they hoped to cooperate with SD-Gold in more fields and wider scope, and at deeper levels.

  This conference enabled SD-Gold to have a positive interaction with international investors, effectively enhanced the exchanges between SD-Gold’ management and European institutional investors and international mining companies, further enhanced the confidence of international investors in the future development of SD-Gold, greatly enhanced good image of SD-Gold in the international capital market, and strongly promoted the implementation of internationalization strategy of SD-Gold.

  Wang Peiyue, general manager assistant of SD-Gold and general manager of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd., Li Tao, general manager assistant of SD-Gold and head of relevant departments, also attended the conference.