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Main leaders of SD-Gold Office and senior managers of SD-Gold Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.

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  On April 26, the “Tianma Award – China’s Listed Company Investor Relations Selection”, organized by the Securities Times and sponsored by the China Listed Company Alliance, was launched in Beijing. SD-Gold was awarded “The 10th China’s Listed Company Investor Relations Best Board” for its advanced investor relations management concept, diversified investor relations exchange means and good investor relations performance, etc.

  Having been held for ten consecutive years, “Tianma Award” has gained good reputation and authoritativeness. With the theme of “New Pattern, New Path, New Vision”, the 10th Tianma Award Selection aimed to discover the excellent benchmark of the capital market and promote the high quality development of the capital market. Through comprehensive investigation of the listed companies in integrity and compliance, standardized operation, investor return, corporate social responsibility, etc., after professional marking, online voting, institutional voting, and reviews by experts, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange, etc. only 50 listed companies in the main board market were awarded.

  SD-Gold has always paid high attention to the investor relations management, and regarded it as the important means to improve the core competitiveness of the company. Since its listing, by a variety of ways, including telephone, mail, online platform, investor exchanges, domestic and overseas performance roadshows, investor reverse roadshows, and company-related press conferences, etc., SD-Gold has established the rapid communication channel with investors, media and intermediaries and formed the good interactive relationship of “mutual understanding and respect” with investors, thus gained recognitions by investors and established a good company brand image and solid investor basis in the capital market. Especially after the 2018 annual report of SD-Gold was disclosed, in order to achieve the positive and in-depth interpretation of company performance information by the overseas capital market and the investors, SD-Gold timely organized domestic and overseas annual performance roadshow communication meeting to actively communicate with investors on the company’s development strategy, business status, financial status and major issues, etc., and actively deliver the positive energy and investment value of SD-Gold to the domestic and overseas capital markets, playing a positive role in building the positive and win-win investor relationship between SD-Gold and the capital market.

  In the future, under the guidance of investors’ information needs and the concept of high quality development, SD-Gold will continue to expand the scope of serving the investors, do a good job in investor relations management comprehensively, through building the relationship of mutual trust and win-win results” with investors, continuously improve investors’ satisfaction and the overall image of SD-Gold, further enhance investors’ recognition, so that SD-Gold’s value can be known by investors and SD-Gold’s overall interests can be maximized.