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New Year’s Greetings

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  As the new year begins, thousands of mountains become flourishing and everything is fresh again. While the year of 2016 with remarkable achievements goes away hurriedly, the year of 2017 that is full of hope has come.

  On the occasion of discarding the old and bringing in the new, Party Committee of the Group, Board of Directors and Managers send the most sincere New Year’s greeting to all cadres, staff and families. Thank you for hard work and contributions made to development of SD-GOLD. We express sincere gratitude to all leaders at different level, local government, investors and cooperative partners who care, support, and help development of SD-GOLD!

  The past year is the first year of “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, and also the year when Party Committee of the Group, Board of Directors and Managers lead all cadres and staff to keep their initial intention, start a business arduously, further reform in different areas, achieve better overall economic structure with more sufficient vigour and make benefit and quality improved. Over the past one year, faced with complicated and changeable macroeconomic form and external pressure of fluctuant gold price, the Group implemented the requirement of “two go ahead” of Provincial Party Committee comprehensively, advanced the implementation of strategic target of “strive to be internationally first-class and rushed into the world’s top ten bravely” actively, deepened internal reform comprehensively, and contacted international frontier actively. The business performance realized large growth and amplitude of economic benefit reached 67%. Market value of SD-GOLD Listed Company exceeded RMB85 billion once, and increased by RMB63 billion compared with the beginning of the year. It leaped to the first of China nonferrous metals and made “a good beginning” of “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”.

  Reviewing the development history of the Group over the last year, one of the most important development histories and experience is to persist in using scientific strategies to guide people, using excellent culture to make people cohere, using correct guidance to encourage people from beginning to end, and to firm strategic self-confidence, cultural self-confidence and ability self-confidence of development of SD-GOLD constantly.

  Remarkable achievements have been obtained in previous year and further progress shall be made in a new year. In 2017, internal and external of the Group are faced with challenges of American economy recovery, low-price running of gold price and increasingly serious production connecting form, but many good situations such as acceleration of structural reform, change of old and new function, stable demand level, maintaining positive growth of corporate profits and so on also exist. Since the beginning of 2017, Business Divisions (subsidiary companies) of Shandong, China etc. have inspired confidence to undertake and organize production super-conventionally and have achieved “a good beginning” of production of the first month successfully.

  All organizations shall study and implement economic work conference spirit of the central government and whole province seriously, insist in governing the Party strictly and comprehensively from beginning to end, establish “four awareness” firmly, keep initial intention and pressurize yourself, take supply-side structural reform as total grasp, implement the task of “three removal one reduction and one supplement”, strengthen intensity of clearance of “zombie enterprises” and make scale of losses decrease over 20%. Pay more attention to implementation of all items of reform for state-owned enterprises, promote internationalized operation stably, increase the intensity of capital market operation, accelerate connection of both overseas and domestic capital markets, enlarge competitive strength of state-owned capital; seek breakthroughs in yields and profits, management promotion and energy fostering, foster new economic growth pole extensively, strive to realize synchronous growth of staff’s income and corporate profits.

  Opportunity contains splendor and innovation gives birth to greatness. A new year opens new hope and a new course bears a new dream. 2017 is just a key year when we set sail and compose brilliant work. We will stride forward the target of “striving to be an internationally first-class mining enterprise and bravely fighting for the world's top ten mining enterprises” with full confidence. Because of dream, we go to work before dawn and come home after dark to seize every minute; because of commitment, we proceed without hesitation and advance bravely! Let us keep original intention, join hands and forge ahead to create new glory of SD-GOLD together.

  Finally, wish you all a happy Spring Festival, good health, happy family reunion and good luck in everything!

President and Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Yumin

General Manager Li Guohong

January 28, 2017