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New Year’s Greetings

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  Time passes quickly and days glide swiftly. On the occasion of discarding the old and bringing in the new, we send the best wishes and the most sincere condolence of New Year to all cadres, staff and their families and retired comrades on behalf of standing committee of the Party Committee of the Company, Board of Directors and Managers.

  “The mountain has witnessed many vicissitudes of life and the world is ever-lasting. We all have made contributions to the company.” 2016 is the first year of “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, and also a key year with milestone in reform and development history of SD-GOLD. Faced with complicated and changeable macroeconomic situations, the Group Company emancipates the mind and keeps faith further, seeks overall situation with strategic thinking, broadens the vision with open thinking, innovates boldly, works hard, obtains remarkable achievements in the aspects of making “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” strategy, deepening reform of state-owned enterprises, promoting supply-side structural reform, accelerating internationalized process, perfecting corporate culture system, implementing governing the Party strictly and comprehensively and so on, and achieves all task indicators assigned State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) successfully under correct lead of Shandong provincial party committee, provincial government and provincial SASAC.

  “Half of the people who have embarked on a one hundred mile journey to fight may fall by the wayside”. In 2017, on the basis of achievements achieved in the past, we need to work hard to overcome difficulties, to adapt to and to guide new normal of economic development and to firmly grasp the total work principle of seeking improvement in stability. In addition, we need to take side structural reform as principal line so as to fasten implementation of the “capacity reduction, de-stocking, deleveraging, cost reduction, and improvement of underdeveloped areas” and to fully speed up strategic advancement pace of “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” for realizing new breakthrough in yield profits and management improvement and kinetic energy cultivation. On the basis of constantly deepening reform and opening up, we need to keep confidence, to fight bravely and to comprehensively over-fulfill various production operation indicators so as to contribute to realizing the strategic target of “becoming the first class in the world and being one of ten who dares to run with time”!

  When the boat drifts to the midstream, you need to paddle the water harder to advance bravely. In the new year, we would have new challenges, new looks and new achievements. Under the firm guidance of Provincial Party Committee, provincial government, provincial state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, we need to keep in mind our original intention, to keep unswerving, to be full of enthusiasm, to move ahead, and to step into new a brighter journey for SD-GOLD hand in hand!

Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Yumin

General Manager Li Guohong

January 1, 2017