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Speech at SD-GOLD Miner Festival

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  Chrysanthemum blooms in September to make autumn vigorous; miners holily sing the glory of their work. On the occasion of SD-GOLD Miner Festival on September 29, I represent Party Committee, Board of Directors, and management level of the Group to express my heartfelt gratitude and to send my greeting of the festival to miners and employees who work at the first production line for a long term and you family!

  Miner Festival is a private festival for Employees of SD-GOLD, re-enrichment and re-innovation of the corporate spirit about “pursuit of excellence, creation and progressing”, and a common gene and spiritual inheritance for generations of unswerving employees in SD-GOLD. Joint celebration of Miner Festival, promotion of miner spirit and gathering of SD-GOLD strength have significant drive impact and reality significance on fulfilling the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” and gold culture and realizing strategic targets of the Group.

  Since this year, in the face of complex and variable macro-economic situation, difficult and onerous reform and development tasks, the Group has focused on reform and innovation, dedicated to improving quality and increasing efficiency, strengthened to undertake responsibilities, and taken great measures to implement work, which shows a favorable tendency of steady progress. Significant improvement of economic efficiency, constantly optimization of capital structure, continuously improvement of operation quality, outstanding achievements in deepening reform, rapid increase of brand value, obviously acceleration of international steps, and development efficiency obtained affirmation and praise of leaders in relevant Chinese ministries and commissions, provincial Party Committee, provincial government and provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

  It is not easy to make these achievements, which gathers endeavor and selfless contribution of the whole Group, especially vast miners who worked in the first line. It is you who silently work in dark tunnel, spray your sweat, and harvest your hope; it is you who step on ore to overcome difficulties, save costs, and increase the efficiency; it is you who leave your own home aside for the society, gather the power, and depict the flag. You are the backbone of SD-GOLD and the pride of the Group. SD-GOLD is more splendid, because of you!

  Gold culture is endless. Spirit of miners has lasting influences. We will continue to hold Gold Miner Festival, to enrich festival connotation, to innovate culture form, and to propagate development theory so as to make miners truly become masters of the festival, to enjoy the festival, and to feel the warm of the Group. “Double zero” strategy of security and environmental protection is required to be firmly advanced; safe production input is required to be increased; essential safety level is required to be improved; green mine construction is required to be strengthened, in order to create a more safe, reliable and comfortable work environment and living environment for miners and to make miners be able to conduct safe production and to happily go home. The promise of “three permissions and three prohibitions” is required to be strictly obeyed; difficult employee assistance mechanism is required to be perfected; living standard of difficult miners is required to be accurately improved; incentive mechanism is required to be perfected; development platform is required to be optimized so as to make employees who worked in the front line to create more value and have larger growth space. Caring theory of the Group is required to be put in mind and be grasped in hand so as to make all employees who worked in the front line have no worries, to share development achievements, to jointly construct foundation for SD-GOLD, to joint realize the strategic target of “striving to be an internationally first-class mining enterprise and bravely fighting for the world's top ten mining enterprises ”, and to forge ahead.

  Finally, I wish that all miners and employees have a healthy health, have a happy family, and everything goes well! Happy Miner Festival!

  Thank you!

Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Yumin

September 29, 2016