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New Year Greetings

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  As time goes by quickly, the new year arrives. On this special occasion, the Party Committee of Shandong Gold Group hereby is honored to offer New Year greetings to all cadres, employees, retired leaders, retired comrades, and their families, and express high respect to the leaders at all levels and friends in various circles who care and support our Group's development.

  On the occasion of celebrating new year and bidding farewell to the last year, we have different feelings. 2015 is the ending year of the 12th Five-Year Plan, as well as the extremely extraordinary, difficult and critical year in the development course of Shandong Gold Group. Faced with tougher market and arduous task of reform and development, Shandong Gold Group, under the correct leadership of the provincial Party Committee, the provincial government and the provincial SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission), promoted overall planning and coordinated development of all tasks by unifying thought, firming confidence, and conducting reform and innovation, pursuing success based on stable development, making great efforts to improve management efficiency, decreasing cost and increasing efficiency, and making benefit through enhancing productivity. In this way, with main production and operation indicators living up to anticipation and even better than expected, Shandong Gold Group completed the budget targets issued by the Shandong provincial SASAC.

  Looking forward to the future, in the marvelous 2016, China’s economy will enter the new normal strategic development period to simultaneously deal with the slowdown in economic growth, make difficult structural adjustments, and absorb the effects of previous economic stimulus policies, and the integration of Shandong state-owned asset will enter its mainrise. As one of the second-batch enterprises transformed from state-owned capital investment companies in Shandong Province, we must make accurate decision on the development trend of the economy of mining industry, accelerate the prospecting of resources, speed up the pace of production and operation, promote the integration of industry and finance, strengthen the overall planning of gold and non-gold resources, strengthen personnel training and talent introduction, and improve innovation-driven ability. By this way, Shandong Gold Group will fully mobilize all favorable factors to ensure the full completion of all operational indicators, and spare no efforts to step into the global top ten gold mining enterprises during the 13th Five-year Plan.

  Time flies, and hard working are always favored. Let us head for the coming new year.

Chen Yumin, Chairman and Party secretary of Shandong Gold Group

January 1, 2016