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Spring Festival Greeting

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  Dragon hides for ambitious ambitions, and snake exuviates for vitality. In the coming of spring, the year of 2012 engraving hardships and glory fades away and the year of 2013 sprouting with vigor and vitality comes up to us.

  During such nice time to say goodbye to the past year and welcome the new year, Shandong Gold Group extends our high respects to all friends both at home and abroad who pay attention to and support the development of Shandong Gold Group, extends our sincere congratulations to all hardworking staff, and to their families, the retired old leadership and old comrades who support the development of Shandong Gold Group in a silent way, and extends our regards to partners who fight together with us in spite of difficulties, as well as extending our sincere greetings to the whole nation!

  Hard working, and push forward in a self-motivated way. Every day of 2012 is full with the endeavor and joy of harvest of Shandong Gold Group. Every mile of 2012 is equipped with sonorous footsteps and lofty pursuit. Over the past year, due to all staff of Shandong Gold Group practicing the “gold spirit” and promoting “gold speed”, the gold output, sales revenue, profit, total assets, resource reserve, safety and environment protection, ecological mining, capital operation, technical innovation and other works make an unprecedented breakthrough; the increase of main development indexes ranks first in province-administrated enterprises, the stocks of Shandong Gold rises by 34 times, standing first among Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets; it has the largest number of “national green mine pilot mining”; be No.1 of gold production in China; and the staff income ranks the first in the gold industry, so the status of “No.1 in China” is more stable in gold industry!

  Don’t miss the past, tomorrow will be better. The year of 2013 is the key year for Shandong Gold realizing the goal of “integrate with world-class, pursue world-class and create world-class”. Based on the goal to be a world famous mining company, we shall play an important role in leading the gold industry at all levels on resource expansion, overseas expansion, construction standards, technology leading, safety and environmental protection, energy-saving and emission reduction, ecological mining, management innovation, business model innovation, the operation of market capital, and human resources support. We must take leading enterprise both at home and aboard as the reference and emphasize on the construction of Jiaodong hundred-ton gold base and Inner Mongolia billions of tons non-ferrous base. With the guidance of internal marketization, listing capitalization, and talents internationalization, let us go head-to-head with world famous mining company, strutting into “China’s top 100 and the World’s top 500”.

  In 2013, let us move forward with proud, passion and hardworking! Let’s hope: make more individuals and institutions to benefit from SD Gold Group; tomorrow of Shandong Gold will be better; and life of Shandong Gold staff will be better. We sincerely wish all staff of Shandong Gold Group a happy new year and everything going well in the work, as well as in good health and with family happiness!

Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd.

February 9, 2013