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New Year Greetings

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  Saying goodbye to the fulfilling, plentiful and colorful year of 2012, we usher a thriving and hopeful year of 2013. In the coming of the new year, we, party committee of the Group would like to render our best wishes and greetings to all the staff fighting both in domestic and abroad, as well as extend our profound gratitude and lofty respect to leadership at all levels, business partners, shareholders of the listing Corporation, retired veteran leadership, old comrades, staff’s families and local government, folks and people of all circles who pay attention to and support the development of Shandong Gold.

  We feel pride by looking back at the past. In 2012, our Group has plenty of great and grand events, happy events and we show the world a more powerful, more energetic and more charming Shandong Gold Group. In this year, the main development index hits a record high, the growing rate ranks first among the national gold industry and province-administered enterprises, and mineral gold output ranks first in national gold industry. The stock of Shandong Gold rises by 34 times in total of 10 years, ranking first in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets and the status of Shandong Gold as “No.1 in China” of gold industry is more stable; In this year, the Group continuously mergers and acquires Gansu Zhongbao Company, Laizhou Shengda Company, Tiancheng Company, Penglai Jinchuang Group and Fujian Yuanxin Company. What’s more, we have acquired Fox project in Australia and conducted a strategic cooperation with Guangxi Non-ferrous Metals Group. The large gold aggregates in Shandong and Kyrgyz super-huge gold mine merger and acquisition are in the process. Rapid development of group resource expansion makes the whole industry shocked; In this year, the strategy of “deep, overseas, transfer and strong” shows early results. It is rare in the world that the controlled resources in Jiaodong area beyond 2300 tons and more. The project of “Jiaodong Hundred-Ton Gold Base” attracting attentions both from the home and abroad is in full swing. The first Chinese core drilling depth reaches 3600 meters deep; in this year, our group culture is widely praised, and our idea and experience of protection of wild animal and developing in a safe, ecological and green way are regarded as “benchmarking” in the industry. We have five mines with “National green mining pilot unit” honored by the Ministry of Land and Resources, which occupies half of such mines in the China gold industry; In this year, the Group technical center successfully ascends to the rank of national enterprise technical center. The world’s leading core technologies such as deep exploration and submarine mining win the unique second prize for scientific and technological progress in national gold industry; in this year, we have formed a strategic partnership with all the large banks in China and with more than 10 famous international financial institutions. The credit line and the amount of financing experience doubled growth. The financial holding company and financial company focusing on financial business is going to start, and the financial support promoted by the Group strategy becomes more and more powerful.

  Looking forward to the future, we have many responsibilities. The year of 2013 is the first year of strongly promoting and carrying out the Group strategic objectives of “to be China’s top 100 and the World’s top 500 and also is the key year to consolidate the status of “No.1 Gold Production in China” and “leading in China’s gold industry”. Struggle is fascinating and work leads to achievements. Let’s develop with the guide of the spirit of the 18th National Congress, emancipating thought, changing idea, opening field of vision, improving realm of thought. To build a modern enterprise group with international competitiveness and influence, we shall blaze a path and move forward with full enthusiasm, more rapid pace, more solid work, working day and night regardless of trials and hardships until achieving our goals.

  All things revive with the coming of spring. We sincerely wish our motherland will become more prosperous and strong, and wish the Shandong Gold Group a better future, as well as wishing the Group and all staff a happy life!

CPC Central Committee of Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd.

December 31, 2012