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SD-GOLD’s Market Value Exceeding RMB 100 Billion

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On August 13, SD-GOLD’s A shares closed at 49.96 yuan/share, and its H shares closed at 27.87 Hong Kong dollars/share (before ex-rights), with the total market value reaching RMB 101.7 billion, hitting a historic breakthrough. At present, SD-GOLD's market value has surpassed Weichai and Haier, become second only to Wanhua Chemical, ranking the second among listed companies in Shandong Province in terms of the market value, and it has also surpassed Zijin Mining, topping the list of market value of China's non-ferrous metals industry.
Over the years, SD-GOLD has made great achievements. For example, it has gradually increased its market value through a series of capital operations such as reform of non-tradable shares, mergers and acquisitions, additional issuance and asset restructuring. As of August 13, its market share has increased nearly 60 times since it went public in 2003. At the same time, due to its excellent business performance, good market performance and huge shareholder returns, SD-GOLD has been awarded the “Golden Bull Prize” as one of top 100 listed companies and the “Most Trustworthy Listed Companies” by major institutions. Especially in 2018, the group was successfully listed on Hong Kong Main Board and became a large listed company with “A+H” dual platform. Since its listing, the stock price has been increasing and it has been fully recognized by domestic and foreign investors, which proved that SD-GOLD has successfully built its brand image in the international gold industry.
SD-GOLD paid higher attention to strategic and steady development. Its market value of more than one hundred billion yuan not only owed to the rising price of gold, but also involved the good corporate governance and stable business performance of SD-GOLD, and the hard work of SD-GOLD people. Under the guidance of the group's “13th Five-Year” development strategy, its various businesses have opened up new situations, which jointly help create new value. Especially in recent years, much progress has been made due to its international strategy, with overseas mergers and acquisitions as the first step, and overseas listing opening the door for its implementation. When moving towards the stage of high-quality development, SD-GOLD has steadily increased its gold production through a series of decision-making and arrangements to “become better, stronger and larger”. In 2018, the gold production of mining enterprises nationwide declined, while the group maintained steady yet growing output, and surpassed Zijin Mining, China Gold, etc., retaining its leading position in the domestic gold industry.
Looking forward, we will continue to realize the "golden dream" with greater efforts and "strive to be one of the international first-class and top ten mining enterprises in the world". To this end, we will fully implement the international strategy with bigger vision, broader stage, and greater development, and continue to create momentum for high-quality development to ensure that we have a more splendid future.