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Stand with a new beginning, achieve new breakthrough and promote to a new level-Convening a meeting for leaders at middle-level and above by the Group

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According to the uniform arrangement of CPC Party Committee Organization Department of Shandong Province (hereinafter referred to Organization Department), Shandong Gold Group convened a meeting for leaders at middle-level and above on March 5. Liu Xingtai, the vice minister of Organization Department attended the meeting and made an important speech. Wang Jianhua, Shi Min, Yu Changqing, Chen Yuming also attended the meeting and made a speech. What’s more, members of the group leadership and members of the director of supervisors attended the meeting. Sun Jianshe presided over the meeting and made a summary.

During the meeting, Liu Xingtai announced the decision of the leadership adjustment of Shandong Gold Group and figured out that the Provincial Party Committee pay high attention to the establishment of Group leadership. This adjustment is made through serious preparation and discussed again and again by considering overall situation, in accordance with the reality and work requirement of establishing the Group leadership, and referring to the orientation of “four-modernizations” of cadre team and the principle of “equal stress on integrity and ability with “integrity prior”.

Liu Xingtai gave full affirmation and spoke highly of the work and leadership construction of the Group in recent years. He figured out that; the brand influence, the core competiveness and comprehensive strength of the Group is promoted continuously under the guide of Group leadership, playing an important role in the economic development of Shandong province. He said that the Group leadership should unite to guide staff and comprehensively implement and practice Scientific Outlook on Development under the guide of Shandong Party Committee and People’s Government of Shandong Province. What’s more, they should make the Group developing fast and well and make a great contribution to the culture construction of Shandong province according to the goals and arrangement proposed on the 18th National Congress and tenth Congress of Party Representatives of Shandong Province.

Wang Jianhua and Shi Min retrospect the development progress of Shandong Gold Group in their speeches and indicated that they would firmly support the decisions made by Shandong Party Committee and comply with the arrangement of organization. They also extended their sincere thanks to Shandong Party Committee and People’s Government of Shandong Province for their supports and help to the development of Shandong Gold Group. They cherished the friendship with leadership and all cadres and would as always pay attention to the development of Shandong Gold. They firmly believed that Shandong Gold Group could achieve more and more achievements.

Yu Changqing indicated that he will firmly support the decisions made by Shandong Party Committee and extended his respects and thanks to Wang Jianhua who made great contributions to the development of Shandong Gold Group. For the next step of the group development, he said confidently that,

1. We should study and implement the deployment strategy for developing state-owned economy and deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises made on 18th National Congress with hard working.

2. we should enter into the role as soon as possible, to unite and lead the team for seeking truth from facts, keeping pace with the times, being enthusiastic and pushing forward, putting one's heart and soul into work, and maintaining continuity of the work.

3.  We should emancipate our minds, be equipped with the courage to reform and innovation, do solid work and maintain the good momentum of development.

4. We should take the lead in implementing the democratic centralism, adhere to the scientific decision-making and democratic decision-making, respect and encourage enthusiasm and creativity of every comrade.

5. We should take the lead to obey the spirit of the instructions, such as eight regulations of the Party Central Committee on work style changing, and practice economy and oppose extravagance and waste to act as an example, take the lead and consciously accept supervision.

In the meeting, Yu Changqing appealed to all cadres and leaders of all levels of the Group for thinking about how to work well on the basis of current good work foundation and standing on a new starting point, and seek breakthroughs to enhance the cause of Shandong Gold Group to a brand-new level.

In his speech, Chen Yumin firmly supported the provincial Party committee’ decision, and extended his thanks to the trust of the leadership of provincial Party committee, the provincial government and provincial SASAC. Also he extended his thanks to Wang Jianhua and Shi Min for their patient help and careful guidance over the years. What’s more, he extended his thanks to twenty thousand of Gold staff for their supports. The new job means more responsibilities. He would be politically aligned with the organization, dedicated, hard working so as to complete the role transformation as soon as possible, actively cooperate with the work of main leaders, make efforts to unite members of the team and carry forward the hard-working, pragmatic and honest tradition. In addition, we should resolutely implement the decisions made by Party committee of the Group, and try the best to make contributions to the development of Shandong Gold Group.

Feng Shangwei, investigator of No.4 Cadre Office of Organization Department, CFO of the Group, assistant of General Manager, chief engineer (director), directors of departments of the Group headquarters, leadership of branch (group/company), and the main directors of Party and government administration of affiliated enterprises attended the meeting.