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YU Changqing Investigated Some Enterprises of the Group

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YU Changqing, the chairman and secretary of the party committee, investigated some enterprises of the Group accompanied by CHEN Yumin, the general manager and deputy secretary of the party committee, including Gold Coast Company, Sanshan Island Gold Mine, Xincheng Gold Mine, Gold Refinery, Gold Power Company, Jinchuang Group Company, Linglong Gold Mine and Jiaojia Gold Mine. During the investigation, YU debriefed relevant reports of the enterprises and carried out a site investigation to the safety and environmental protection, production layout, equipment and facilities, underground stope, technical research and development, major projects and information construction. In addition, he organized an informal discussion about How to Promote the Better and Faster Development of the Group under the New Trends and Strengthening Management to Realize Cost Decreasing and Benefit Increasing, giving out some instructive opinions on both macrocosmic and microcosmic levels.

During the investigation, YU also visited major leaders in Laizhou, Penglai and Zhaoyuan, tanking in-depth exchanges on creating a favorable development atmosphere and promoting the cooperation between enterprises and local governments