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SD-Group Leaders visited China Gold Association and China National Gold Group Corporation

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On May 16, Yu Changqing, chairman and secretary of the Party committee of Shandong Gold Group (hereinafter referred to as “SD-Group”), Chen Yumin, general manager and deputy secretary of the Party committee, Li Guohong, deputy general manager, chairman of SD-Gold Financial Holding Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Finance Co. Ltd., and Hou Chengqiao, deputy general management of SD-Group, visited China Gold Association and China Gold Group. They were warmly received by Sun Zhaoxue, president of China Gold Association, general manager and secretary of the Party committee of China National Gold Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “China Gold”), and Song Xin, deputy general manager of China Gold. The two parties held talks on strengthening cooperation in the future.

Sun Zhaoxue expressed his welcome to the visit of SD-Group leaders, and his admiration to the remarkable achievements of SD-Gold in reform and development. He noted that mutual understanding and support, and good cooperation between the two parties have played a positive role in promoting common development over the years. Facing the critical situation ofinternational continuously downward trend in gold price, the two parties should, at a new starting point, strengthen further cooperation, mutual benefit and mutual trust, seek common development, and make new contribution to the development of China’s gold industry.

Yu Changqing introduced the development of SD-Group briefly, and expressed his gratitude to China Gold Association and China Gold for their long-term support. He pointed out that China Gold Group, as a leader in the gold industry, boasts advanced experience in such aspects as reform and development and business management, which is worth learning. He hoped that the two parties established a regular communication mechanism, treated each other frankly, and strengthened cooperation so as to maintain and further develop the long-established cooperation relations. Both parties should seek common development through enhancing communication and cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Directors of relevant departments of Zhongjin Gold Corporation Limited, China Gold Association, China Gold News Agency, and Shandong Gold Group attended the talks.