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Shandong Gold Group Held a Special Lecture with Theme of "Application of Rock Mechanics in Mine Design and New Trend of Foreign Deep-Well Mining Technology

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On November 21, Shandong Gold Group held a special lecture with the theme of "Application of rock mechanics in mine design and new trend of foreign deep-well mining technology" in Newtown Gold Mine. The lecturer is Dr. Yao Xiaolin, Think Tank expert, Chief Rock Mechanics Engineer for freshwater river valley. Wang Lijun, Director and Standing Member of CPC Committee of the Group and Cui Lun, Deputy General Manager of the Group attended the lecture.

Based on the long-term "13th Five-Year" plan of Shandong Gold Group, the lecture is given by combining Shandong foreign experts lecture project and technical requirements of enterprises. The purposes of the special lecture are to actively promote the construction of the Group’s Think Tank, to make Think Tank practically play the role of “transferring knowledge to wisdom”, to draw on foreign technology, management mode and experience, to promote technological innovation and management innovation, to broaden the international vision of engineering and technical personnel, to cultivate deep exploration and mining capacity, to get rid of bottleneck effect of deep development and to ensure sustainable development.

Dr. Yao Xiaolin has been engaged in mine exploitation and ground pressure control for over 20 years, and has rich experience in operation and management of foreign mining enterprise. Besides, he has made achievements in mining design, mine pressure control, medium and long-term plans for mining method and mining parameter optimization, obtaining great economic and social value. In this lectutre, Dr. Yao’s mainly introduced knowledge of rock classification, foreign advanced experience design, pressure relief and blasting for jamb and other aspects. In addition, he actively shared strategies and researches of pressure and energy relief in deep mines abroad in recent years. In order to deepen the effect of learning exchange, the lecture contained a part of questioning, during which Dr. Yao answered questions collected previously about all mines. People in the main venue and sub-venue actively raised questions and shared opinions. The detailed content and new form of communication had been unanimously approved by management and technical staff on the site.