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2017 Spring Festival Gathering of HQ of Shandong Gold Group Co.,Ltd.

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On the morning of Feb. 03, 2017, the first day of work after the Spring Festival, a gathering was officially held to celebrate the Spring Festival in HQ of Shandong Gold Group Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SD-GOLD), where Chen Yumin, president and secretary of the Party committee of the group was present and gave remarks. Leaders at home and staffs of all business units stationed at Jinan, all departments of HQ and HQs of sub-groups (branches) of the group stationed at Jinan attended this gathering.

On this joyous occasion of reunion and celebration, Chen Yumin extended, on behalf of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of SD-GOLD, the board of directors and managers, festive greetings to the staff of SD-GOLD and their families and wished them happiness, good health, good luck and a smooth work in the coming year. He also expressed sincere thanks and cordial greetings to the general cadres and staff who remained in their work posts during the holiday season. He pointed, during the Spring Festival, the general cadres and staff of vast majority of enterprises and, in particular, the front-line miming enterprises remained in their work posts during the holiday season, ensuring continuous healthy and stable development in production, operation and safety, etc. of the group, as well as a happy Spring Festival of the general staff's families of the group.

Chen emphasized that, in 2017, SD-GOLD will advance bravely under pressure, and all leaders and staffs should make joint efforts, letting the beginning of the year be crowned with achievements. Next, the group will continue to work hard just like what they did during the Spring Festival, thoroughly practice the 13th Five-Year Plan, as well as stay true to the mission, fully perform duties and carry out functions, be enthusiastic, and race to the top, so as to constantly improve operation and management level of the group, ensure to realize new breakthroughs in output and benefit, making the strategic goal of “striving to be a world-class mining enterprise and bravely fighting for the world's top ten mining enterprises” come true, and finally making new contributions to a well-off society in an all-round way for the whole province.

After the gathering, general staff of all business units of the group, departments and offices of HQ and sub-groups (branches) of the group stationed at Jinan promptly threw themselves into the work of this new year.