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Li Guohong Met with Diego Ramiro Guelar Ambassador to China of the Republic of Argentina

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On April 7 , Mr. Li Guohong, General Manager of the SD-GOLD, and Chairman of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (600547) and Mr, Li Yucan, President of Greater China Region of Barrick Gold Corporation met with Mr. Diego Ramiro Guelar, Ambassador to China of the Republic of Argentina. The two sides had a friendly exchange on strengthening Sino-Argentina mining cooperation, promoting investment in Argentina by SD-GOLD and Barrick and other matters.

Ambassador Diego Ramiro Guelar expressed that he put great value on SD-GOLD entering Argentine mining, congratulated on signing the agreement regarding Veladero gold mine project by SD-GOLD and Barrick, and hoped that the cooperation in Argentina between SD-GOLD and Barrick would make great success, so as to enhance the attraction of Argentine mining market, and build up confidence and establish a model for more powerful and responsible enterprises to enter the Argentine mining. Meanwhile, Diego Ramiro Guelar offered his specific suggestions to the two companies on the Veladero gold mine project, and promised that the Argentine Government would strongly support the cooperation and development of the two companies in Argentine mining field to benefit the local residents and inject new impetus for the entire Argentine economy while creating profits for the enterprises.

Li Guohong, on behalf of Chairman Chen Yuming, expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Diego Ramiro Guelar and Argentine Embassy in China for their long-term care and support for SD-GOLD, briefed him on the efforts and main achievements of SD-GOLD in "13th Five-Year" strategic planning and international development, "double zero" goals and other aspects, and gave a detailed introduction to the Ambassador on the cooperation between SD-GOLD and Barrick. He pointed out that as a responsible state-owned gold company, SD-GOLD promised to strictly comply with the laws of Argentina during project operation, attach great importance to environmental protection, pay attention to local communities and residents in the project site, and make its contribution to the national and local prosperity and development of Argentina, and hoped that Diego Ramiro Guelar would give attention to SD-GOLD as always, and support the development of SD-GOLD in Argentina.

Li Yucan, on behalf of Chairman Thornton, extended his gratitude to Ambassador Diego Ramiro Guelar for his support for Barrick, expressed that the two companies were highly consistent and maintained mutual recognition in regard to their strategies, and attached great importance to the cooperation of Argentine Veladero gold mine project. He hoped the two companies would achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation through cooperation of this project. He emphasized that SD-GOLD could help Barrick to solve the problems encountered by Veladero gold mine, ensure the stable operation of the Project, and make greater contribution to the local and entire Argentine economy.

Participants include Mr. Georges Jouanneau, Senior Vice President of Strategic Affairs, Mr. Andrew Hastings, Vice President and Senior Legal Adviser of Barrick and Head of Legal Affairs of SD-GOLD.