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Shandong Gold Think-Tank Symposium Held in Hong Kong

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On April 11, on the first anniversary of establishment of Financial Holding (Hong Kong) Company, Shandong Gold Think Tank Symposium was held in Hong Kong. Professor Ba Shusong, Chief China Economist was presented at the meeting and delivered his theme speech. Mr. Liu Zhengui, Expert of the Group Think Tank and former Chairman of BOCI Securities Limited and Bank of China Investment Limited, about 65 top management, senior figures and elites from 31 institutions including financial circles in Hong Kong, International Investment Banking and the accounting firms, law firms and service agencies having close cooperation with SD-GOLD attended at the meeting. Mr. Chen Yumin, Chairman and and Secretary of Party Committee of SD-GOLD made his welcome speech, Mr. Li Guohong, General Manager of SD-GOLD and Chairman of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (600547) presided over the Symposium.

Mr. Chen Yumin first expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to the distinguished guests for their arrival on behalf of SD-GOLD. He pointed out that in the past year the international development of SD-GOLD has achieved a successful start with the strong support of friends from all walks of life in Hong Kong. As the bridgehead of SD-GOLD in entering overseas market, moving toward internationalization and implementing global strategic layout, Shandong Gold Financial Holding (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. did a large amount of effective work in laying foundation, obtaining licenses, developing business and making benefit, and stood firm and took root in Hong Kong within just one year, which successfully established the overseas brand image of SD-GOLD. This is the first time of SD-GOLD to hold Think Tank Symposium in Hong Kong to brainstorm with the experts of Hong Kong financial institutions and industry elites, and carried out more and deeper beneficial exploration to further achieve a deep integration between Shandong Gold mining resources and financial capital, interconnection of funds, capital and resources on a global scale and multi-win-win outcome. Gold mining is the core business of the Group, and going global is the only way to expand the gold mining. In the future, SD-GOLD will continue to expand Hong Kong's market, integrate asset management, securities, futures, financial leasing and other business, give full play to the advantages of integration of capital and resources, explore new modes of combining industry and finance, extensively carry out international resource merger and acquisition, and firmly move towards the "13th Five-Year" strategic planning.

Professor Ba Shusong delivered his keynote speech titled New Impetus to the Development of Hong Kong Financial Center, and conducted a in-depth analysis of the development trend of internationalization of RMB. In his view, RMB began to show the attributes of international investment and asset reserve, and the enterprises' "Going out" strategy has become the main factor to promote cross-border use of RMB. Hong Kong market has a better discovering and pricing capacity for the promising industries and creative enterprises. Providing higher market valuation and capital support for the new economic industries in the Mainland, it can achieve international layout for the enterprises by virtue of the Hong Kong offshore RMB hub and become the regional management headquarters of global layout for the enterprises by following the unique market structure of international practices based on China's Mainland. Professor Ba also pointed out the new impetus to expand financial development of Hong Kong that is given by developing and enriching financial products priced in RMB, providing more market tools and management means compatible with the global distribution and cross-border flow of RMB and supporting the Mainland enterprises in taking Hong Kong as the main management platform and regional management headquarters for global layout.

At the meeting, the participants had a full interaction and expressed their willingness to cooperate with SD-GOLD in credit, debt issuance at home and abroad, gold leasing, overseas gold commodity trade, overseas merger and acquisition, overseas listing and other more fields and to help SD-GOLD early achieve the strategic goals of leading the domestic gold production enterprises and entering the top 10 in terms of comprehensive strength of global mining.

Mr. Wang Peiyue, Assistant General Manager of SD-GOLD, and Wang Xiaoling, Deputy Chief Accountant attended the meeting.