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SD-Gold Remains the Social Security Fund with the Highest Inflation-proof and Appreciation Rate in Shandong for Two Successive Years

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A few days ago, Shandong Provincial Council for Social Security Fund made an analysis and ranking of the inflation-proof and appreciation rate of 17 enterprises in 2015 and 2016 out of 22 share-holding Shandong-administered enterprises, and issued the “Assessment Report on Inflation-proof and Appreciation of Social Security Funds in Shandong”. And SD-Gold remained the enterprise with the highest inflation-proof and appreciation rate——an annual growth of 33%——for two years in a row.

In recent years, guided by the strategic direction described in the “13th five-year plan”, and for the purpose of “benefiting staffs and society, repaying shareholders and making China strong”, SD-Gold has continued to improve its capability to make profits, created wealth for its shareholders and made state-owned assets inflation-proof and appreciate. The company has also accelerated its implementation of international strategies, worked hard to reduce costs and improve efficiency and strengthened cost control and internal management to improve economic effect. As a result, SD-Gold’s total profits have witnessed a remarkable increase for two successive years, and its inflation-proof and appreciation rate has seen effective growth. Meanwhile, the company uses national policies to actively explore new financing modes, and develops equity financing business like perpetual bond and debt-to-equity, and thus upgrading its capital structure.