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Mr. Li Guohong Attends the 19th Golden Bull Price-Giving Ceremony for Chinese Listed Companies

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On August 15, the 19th Golden Bull Price-giving ceremony for Chinese listed companies was held in Guiyang, Guizhou. Mr. Li Guohong, General Manager of SD-GOLD and Chairman of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (600547), attended the ceremony and took part in the roundtable forum, and Wang Xiaoguang, member of the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and deputy governor of Guizhou province, and Gong, Xixiang, director of the general office of Xinhua News Agency, participated in the ceremony and made speeches.

On the award ceremony, SD-Gold, with sound governance, standard management and remarkable achievements, received high recognition of capital markets and investors, and was named one of Golden Bull Top 150 Listed Companies with the Greatest Investment Value in 2016”. And Li Guohong was named “Golden Bull Wealth Creation Leaders of Chinese Listed Companies in 2016”.

On the roundtable forum, Li Guohong voiced his views on “Innovation and Responsibility”. SD-Gold, as a Shandong-administered state-owned share-holding listed company, must coordinate capital innovation with China’s general strategies, tendency and policies, must make the most of the strategies on enterprise development, and for the purpose of repaying the society and shareholders, must be a responsible enterprise with good conscience. During the 13th five-year plan period, SD-Gold will accelerate international mergers and acquisitions under the guidance of “belt-and-road initiative”. On the one hand, it will expand its industries with the help of international capital market; on the other hand, it will take advantage of international capital market to enlarge SD-Gold’s influence and give into play the company’s advantage in gold industrial technology in the major gold producing regions in the world.

After the meeting, Li Guohong received the special interview on China Securities Journal. In the interview, he gave a brief description on the development of SD-Gold in capital market, the company’s 13th five-year plan and the issuance of H-shares. He voiced his view on the future of gold industry and the tendency of gold price, and explained the company’s purposes of “benefiting staff and society, repaying shareholders and making China strong” by describing how SD-Gold has taken active part in social and public services and shared its development results with employees and SD-Gold’s development concept of ecological mining.

It is learned that Gold Bull Price for Chinese Listed Companies is one of the Golden Bull series assessment activities and one of the most authoritative prices for listed companies at capital markets, as well as the most authoritative, professional and effective platform on communication and brand display in China’s capital market. This prize assessment is carried out in a fair, open and just way, and a number of model listed companies are selected by taking account of the features of listed companies’ investment value and the use frequency of the indicators and by assessing 13 financial indicators on assessing listed companies’ investment value (including the first-level indicators (including the capability to make profits, to pay debts, to manage assets and to pursue growth) and second-level indicators (including rate of gross sales profit, earnings per share, return on equity, etc.)) and by setting up a performance assessment indicator system which is closely connected with the value of a listed company.