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Mr. Chen Yumin Pays a Visit to Australian Head of Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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  On the afternoon of Sep. 5, Chen Yumin, chairman of the board of SD-Gold Group and secretary of CPC SD-Gold party committee, held talks at Australia Office of Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Sidney with Sir Richard Alcock, the deputy chairman of the board of the bank, Nick Chappel, person in charge of Asian metal mining, and Liu Jin, director of management of Chinese business. They intensively exchanged views on cooperation in capital markets, investment in mineral resources, tendency of global gold market and some countries’ investment policies.
  Sir Richard Alcock gave a detailed introduction of the development of the business of BofA Merrill Lynch and the status of Australia’s mining industry. The bank is listed among the best well-known global investment banks, especially in terms of mineral resource project transaction and capital market financing. China and Australia have a long history in friendly cooperation and a large bilateral trade volume, and have cooperated in numerous projects in mining and agriculture, he stressed. With the current recovery of mineral resource markets in Australia and in the world, he hoped to further strengthen the comprehensive cooperation and exchange with SD-Gold, to promote the execution of cooperation projects and provide support for the company in its accomplishing strategic targets as well.
  Chen Yumin gave a description of the progress SD-Gold had made in developing mainline mining and carrying out its resource projects in Australia. SD-Gold has taken a solid step towards international development. Promoting the development of the projects in Argentina and Australia may help the company become the number one gold producer in China, but to achieve the strategic targets set out in the “13th five-year plan”, important opportunities involved in the shift of growth drivers in Shandong must be seized, and SD-Gold will attach great importance to the steady expansion of overseas markets and make Australia and South and North Americas its qualified resource gathering places, pointed out Mr. Chen. He hoped Bank of America Merrill Lynch would provide more resource projects in the aforesaid regions and give opinions and suggestions on merger and acquisition entities, deal architecture, overseas listing and financing, etc.
  David Holpwood, deputy president of Asia Resources Department of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, David Karaoetian, deputy president of Australia Capital Market Department, and related people in charge of the Office of SD-Gold attended the talking.