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SD-Gold Selected as a Constituent Stock of “Hang Seng A Share Industry Top Index”

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  In recent days, Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. received an official notice from Hong Kong Hang Seng Indexes Company that said SD-Gold was selected as a constituent stock of “Hang Seng A share industry top index”, which would come into effect from September 4.
  “Hang Seng A share industry top index” means the leaders of each of 11 Hang Seng industry categories in the mainland market, out of which a diversified portfolio may be formed for investors to invest in mainland’s industry leaders. Unlike blue chip index whose constituent stocks are selected by market capitalization, industry top index means the index of A share whose sample stocks are selected on the basis of such basic elements like market capitalization, revenue and net profit. Only companies with the greatest revenue and net profit can join the index. With five companies for each industry at most, now 48 A share listed companies have been selected as constituent stocks of Hang Seng A share industry top index.
  SD-Gold’s becoming a constituent stock of the index represents the full recognition SD-Gold has won from Hong Kong capital market and international investors for its value and industrial representation, and is of great significance to further improving the company’s international repute and overseas influence. Under the guidance of the strategic target set out in the “13th five-year plan”——becoming strong and big enough to be ranked among the global top ten gold companies in terms of comprehensive strength——and for the purpose of bringing greatest benefits to shareholders, SD-Gold attaches importance to deepening supply-side structural reforms and accelerating the shift of growth drivers, and takes solid steps to make transformation and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency, carry out overseas acquisition and strengthen operating management and technological innovation. And as a result, the performance of all business of SD-Gold shows good momentum for growth and all performance indicators have been accomplished.
  SD-Gold also sets up and improves its legal person management structure, corporate management system and internal control and management system, regulates its operating system and improves its information disclosure system, investor relation system and capital operation system, to keep enriching the contents of information disclosure and investor communication and exchange, to establish a three-dimensional work system of information disclosure, investor relationship and capital operation and promote the development of the company and the growth of its market capitalization, laying a solid foundation for its sound and stable development in later days.