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Mr. Chen Yumin Attends “The Belt and Road” Gold Industry Summit Forum

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The Belt and Road

  On October 12, Mr. Chen Yumin, chairman of the board of SD-Gold Group and secretary of CPC SD-Gold party committee, attended by request the 2017 “The Belt and Road” Gold Industry Summit Forum, which was sponsored by People's Daily and addressed by Chen Yuchuan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Ping, deputy inspector of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Niu Yibing, president of People's Daily Online, and Song Xin, chairman of the board of China National Gold Group and secretary of CPC China National Gold Group respectively.
  At the forum, Chen Yumin, chairman of the board of SD-Gold Group, Liu Bing, deputy general manager of China National Gold Group, Li Shousheng, general manager of Zhaojin Group, and Huang Xiaodong, former vice president of Zijin Mining delivered a speech respectively for deep-going exchanges on two topics of “Advancing of ‘the Belt and Road initiative’ brings new opportunities for China's gold mining industry” and “Reform of the supply side of gold consumption boosts the construction of ‘The Belt and Road’ ”. Their discussion focused on issues such as opportunities and challenges facing the gold industry, exploitation of mineral resources along the Belt and Road and green development of China's gold enterprises, proposing a series of suggestions for the development of the "Belt and a Road" of the gold industry in our country.
  In order to promote China's gold enterprises, in the process of "going global", to further cooperate with each other, integrate resources, take the initiative, and intensify exchanges, this forum formally released the "Gold Industry Development Consensus for ‘the Belt and Road initiative’”("Gold Consensus"), calling for China's gold enterprises to positively respond to the “the Belt and Road initiative”, carry out cooperation with the countries along the Belt and Road in terms of gold resources, market development, as well as capacity, thereby forming new impetus to the development of the Chinese gold industry. Representatives from six gold enterprises and institutions, including China National Gold Group, SD-Gold Group, Zijin Mining Group, Shandong Zhaojin Group, Cuihua Gold & Silver Jewelry Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Gold Exchange, took the stage and jointly launched the "Gold Consensus".