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Build Internationally First-Class Model Mine, Improve Internationalized Operation Capability-"2017 Mine Director Forum" Organized by SD-Gold Group

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In the morning of October 30th, SD-Gold Group "2017 Mine Director Forum" was held in Jinan. Chen Yumin, chairman of the board of SD-Gold Group and secretary of CPC SD-Gold party committee, attended the Forum and delivered a speech. Li Guohong, General Manager of SD-Gold Group and Chairman of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd (600547), made the concluding speech. The Group leaders exchanged ideas with mine directors and gave wonderful comments to them.

This forum is the first director forum organized by the Group, with the theme of "build internationally first-class mode mine, improve internationalized operation capacity". The Forum, which was held in the context of the success of the 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the further promoting of the "13th Five-Year" strategic planning by the Group, and actively promoting the transformation and upgrading, holding leapfrog development and old and new driving energy transfer, is of pioneering, global and strategic significance in the development history of the Group.

Chen Yumin pointed out in his speech that, after several generations of unremitting efforts, the development of SD-Gold Group has made remarkable achievements. Especially since the "13th Five-Year", the Group, in union mind, strives to forge ahead to deepen the internationalization strategy, taking solid step to the aim of" strives to be internationally first-class, marches ahead to become world top ten". In order to realize the "13th Five-Year" strategic objectives of the Group, management personnel at all levels with mine directors as representatives are the key factor. He emphasized that, the essence of internationally first-class model mine should be considered in terms of safety, technology, production, management, human resources and corporate culture. And we should focus on the development concept, management mode, production process and quality benefit to form a replicable, enforceable and complete world class mine construction, management experience and practice. In addition, he also had in-depth discussion with mine directors on the subject of establishing a strategic system to match the first class model mine in the world from the perspective of enriching the strategic thought, creating an open development strategy and improving the execution of the strategy at the national level.

Li Guohong pointed out that, this Forum is a spiritual feast to in-depth study and implement the spirit of the 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to promote the Group's "13th Five-Year" strategy, to emancipate the mind, inspire the wisdom and build consensus. The participants, with global vision and strategic thinking, put forward innovative ideas and suggestions around the theme "build internationally first-class model mine", and depicted beautiful blueprint for the international development of the Group in the future. He asked us to join the development with the sense of urgency that time will not wait for us, to innovate and enhance efficiency with the sense of responsibility, and to promote the Group's "13th Five-Year" strategy to be deepened. And he also asked us to carry out in-depth and extensive publicity in combination of reality to create a strong atmosphere of "build internationally first-class model mine, improve internationalized operation capability". And he still asked us to thoroughly implement the spirit of 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China as well as the decision of the provincial and provincial governments on the old and new kinetic energy conversion, to fully implement the important strategic project of building internationally first-class model mines of the Group, and to promote the overall construction of SD-Gold Group's mines to the international first-class level.

Mine directors from the Sanshandao Gold Mine, Jiaojia Gold Mine, Linglong Gold Mine, Xincheng Gold Mine, Songxian Gold Company and Hongling Mine Company made keynote speeches on the theme from the perspective of concept exploration, strategic analysis, target orientation, standard setting and practical measures. The Argentina head of the Group's illustrates his views and insights through video. The forum organized participants to watch Rio Tinto Group's advertising video-"future mining -- the integration of man and technology". The participants and the six directors communicated and exchanged in-depth ideas on specific issues such as how to build a international first-class model mine, how to enhance internationalized operation capability and how to implement the management improvement and science and technology innovation, security and development, personnel support and culture guidance. The forum, with a lively atmosphere and frequent interactions, has truly become a feast of thought, a platform for communication and a source of wisdom, which fully embodies the dynamic practices of the Group to conscientiously implement the spirit of the 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to make state-owned enterprises better and bigger, and to build a world - class enterprise with global competitiveness, as well as fully reflects the Group's confidence and determination in the "13th Five-Year" journey of self pressurized and the pursuit of excellence.

The forum was also honored to have Leaders from the Group's Party committee, the Board of Directors, Management teams and supervision committee, and the Group's General Assistant, the Chief Engineer, Directors, and the headquarters departments leaders and inspection team leaders, as well leaders from divisions (sub-groups), subsidiaries and third level enterprises' chief executives.