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SD-Gold Established the First “Transaction Center” in the National Gold Mining Industry

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On April 22, the opening ceremony of SD-Gold Transaction Center was held in Shanghai. Chen Yumin, secretary of CPC SD-Gold party committee and chairman of SD-Gold Group, attended the ceremony and made a speech.

Song Yuqin, deputy general manager of Shanghai Gold Exchange, Cui Tong, general manager assistant of derivatives department of Shanghai Futures Exchange, Zhao Wenjian, deputy general manager of precious metals business department of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Gong Yimin, general manager of financial market department of Shanghai Headquarters of Bank of China, Ge Gen, deputy general manager of financial market transaction center of China Construction Bank, Xu Guoliang, deputy general manager of financial market department of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Hong Zhou, president of Shanghai Sub-branch of Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, Xie Wen, vice president of Standard Chartered (China), Yang Ruiqi, general manager of financial market department of United Overseas Bank (China), and leaders and guests of ANZ Bank and Haitong Securities Co., Ltd. etc. attended the opening ceremony.

On behalf of SD-Gold, Chen Yumin expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders and guests present at the ceremony. He pointed out that the SD-Gold transaction center is responsible for the sales of gold and silver and non-ferrous metals produced by SD-Gold, as well as other types of transaction businesses. The establishment of the SD-Gold transaction center is not only a major measure to implement the Party Central Committee’s strategic plan for financial support for the real economy, but also a concrete manifestation of promoting the deep integration between the gold mining industry and the financial industry. It is conducive to integrating and optimizing the existing transaction resources of SD-Gold, giving full play to the scale effect and synergy effect, and further improving the market-oriented operation ability of SD-Gold and promoting the improvement of state-owned capital. He said that SD-Gold will gradually build the transaction center into an operating entity and a profit appraisal body with a basically complete organizational structure, relatively independent business operations, continuously-abundant product categories, and significantly-improved profitability, create more value for realization of the strategic goal of “striving to be an internationally first-class mining enterprise, and bravely fighting for the world’s top ten mining enterprises” and make greater contributions to the development of the Chinese gold market.

On behalf of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, Song Yuqin expressed his warm congratulations on the establishment of the SD-Gold transaction center. He said that SD-Gold is the governing unit of the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the largest gold production enterprise in China. For more than a decade, SD-Gold has taken the lead in both the gold trading volume and the physical delivery volume etc., which has made significant contributions to the development of the Exchange and the entire Chinese gold market. The establishment of SD-Gold transaction center will play a greater role in the production and operation of the enterprise and the development of the gold market. The Shanghai Gold Exchange will continue to support the development of SD-Gold and provide high-quality and efficient services as always.

At the ceremony, Chen Yumin and Song Yuqin jointly unveiled the SD-Gold transaction center. Later, the guests visited the transaction hall of the SD-Gold transaction center and expressed their willingness to further strengthen cooperation with the transaction center.

Song Zengchun, deputy general economist of SD-Gold attended the opening ceremony.

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