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Sun Jiye, Vice-governor of Shandong Province Led the Government Delegation to Visit the Headquarters of the Barrick Gold Corporation

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On May 16, accompanied by Chen Yumin, secretary of CPC SD-Gold party committee and chairman of SD-Gold Group, and Zhuang Yaodong, acting Chinese consul general in Toronto, Sun Jiye, vice-governor of Shandong Province led the government delegation to visit the headquarters of the Barrick Gold Corporation. John Thornton, chairman of Barrick Gold Corporation, and members of his top executives gave a warm welcome to Sun Jiye and his government delegation.

In his speech, Thornton first extended a warm welcome to Vice-governor Sun Jiye. He said that from the establishment of Barrick Gold Corporation in 1983, the core of the corporation is the partner culture based on mutual trust and win-win results. Barrick has assets in many countries around the world and maintains the good relationship with host countries and partners. SD-Gold Group is the best partner at present. The two sides are working together to further enhance this good strategic partnership.

Mark Hill, vice president in charge of operations of Barrick, gave a keynote speech entitled “A Leading 21st Century Gold Company” to the Shandong provincial government delegation, detailing Barrick’s development history, global asset portfolio, excellent exploring, mining and dressing technology, digital transformation, and comprehensive exchanges with SD-Gold Group, and used the “operation monitoring system” big screen to carry out the real-time communication respectively with manager of Nevada Gold Mine of Barrick, Zhu Rilai, director of SD-Gold Group in San Juan Office and Jim, manager of Veladero Gold Mine.

Sun Jiye first expressed his sincere gratitude to Mr. Thornton and the Barrick team for their warm and thoughtful reception, and highly praised Barrick’s position in the global mining industry and its excellent asset operation and open and advanced corporate culture. He briefly introduced the development of economy, trade, culture, tourism and gold industry in Shandong Province, and emphasized, as the birthplace of Confucian culture, one of the most important cultural cores of SD-Gold is integrity, which is highly consistent with the mutual trust in the cultural system of Barrick. In addition, he hoped that the cooperation between SD-Gold Group and Barrick Gold Corporation will achieve more fruitful results.

In his speech, Chen Yumin said that SD-Gold Group is the first gold production enterprise in China at present; Barrick is the first gold production enterprise in the world. The open, transparent and inclusive corporate culture shared by the both sides is an important reason for successful cooperation. On this basis, the future strategic cooperation between the both sides will be more fruitful and become closer and closer.

Guan Zhaoquan, deputy director of Shandong Development and Reform Commission, Guo Fuhai, the second-level inspector of Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, Sun Yebao, deputy director of Foreign Affairs Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government, relevant persons in charge of offices and overseas mining divisions of SD-Gold Group, Darian Rich, executive vice president of Barrick, Kathy Sipos, chief of staff of Barrick, Woo Lee, president of China of Barrick, and Michelle Ash, chief innovation officer, attended the meeting.

Sun Jiye