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Shandong Gold Group Participated in the 3rd China Gold Congress and Expo on Invitation with the Theme of “The First Gold Producer of China”

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From July 24 to 26, the 3rd China Gold Congress and Expo was held at China National Convention Center. With the theme of “The First Gold Producer of China”, SD-Gold participated in this Gold Congress and Expo on invitation. Chen Yumin, secretary of CPC SD-Gold Party Committee and chairman of SD-Gold Group, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. Li Guohong, general manager of SD-Gold Group and chairman of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (600547), He Jiping, deputy general manager of SD-Gold, and Wang Peiyue, general manager assistant of SD-Gold and general manager of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (600547) attended the Congress and had the in-depth dialogues and exchanges with domestic and foreign mining peers. Song Xin, chairman of the China Gold Association and secretary of the Party Committee and president of China National Gold Group Corporation, visited the booth of SD-Gold and gave a good appraisal.

Chen Yumin delivered a keynote speech entitled Expediting Kinetic Energy Transition, Deepening Pragmatic Cooperation and Building a New Pattern in Global Gold Industry Development, which attracted widespread attention. He pointed out that apparent fluctuation, improved profitability and scarce production are key themes of the current global gold industry development. At present, the primary problem faced by global gold enterprises will no longer be to focus on repairing balance sheets, but to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and further enhance their comprehensive development capabilities to form continuous productivity improvement, cost advantages and operational advantages. He thought that the kinetic energy transition characterized by digital intelligence and green ecology will be an inevitable trend in the future development of the gold industry. SD-Gold has established the only one world-class gold production base in China by relying on abundant resource reserves, advanced safety technology and green ecological concept, and has officially launched the “World-class Model Mine” construction project with the Sanshandao Gold Mine as a pilot to make a series of demonstration effects on the whole gold industry in building intelligent mines, intrinsically safe mines, green ecological mines, deep well mines, humane mines, etc., which is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading of the industry and guiding the future development of the mining industry.

Chen Yumin emphasized that deepening global gold industry cooperation is the inevitable way to promote the steady and sustainable development of the gold industry. In international cooperation, SD-Gold not only pays attention to whether the assets are high-quality and potential, but also pays more attention to cultural similarity and mutual trust of the two sides, and is actively committed to creating an efficient and transparent cooperation model. At present, SD-Gold is seeking new assets based on large-scale gold mines, copper mines and lead and zinc mines in production in Asia, North and South Americas, Africa and other regions. He said that SD-Gold will actively adapt to the tide of the times, further accelerate the building of “the world-class model mines”, comprehensively build ecological mining, speed up the transition between new and old kinetic energies, deepen communications and cooperation in all fields and regions of the global mining, and strive to create a new pattern in global gold industry development.

During the Congress, Li Guohong participated in the “Gold Mining Giant Summit Forum” and put forward his profound and detailed opinions and had the active and extensive communications with guests participating in the Congress on such themes as “The Opportunities and Challenges Faced by the Green Development of Gold Enterprises” and “The Win-Win Cooperation of Gold Enterprises Under ‘The Belt and Road’ Initiative”. He Jiping participated in the 10th Meeting of the Third Council of China Gold Association and gave a keynote speech at the “Gold Exploration and Capital Market Forum”; Wang Peiyue presided over the “Deep Mining and Digital Mining Technology Forum”; Zhang Feng, general manager of Shandong Gold Financial Holding Capital Management Co., Ltd., attended the “Commercial Bank Gold and Financial Technology Forum” and delivered a keynote speech. The group leaders also respectively met with Johannes Heerden, CEO of Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited of South Africa, and Steve Letwin, president and CEO of IAMGOLD, Canada, and other executives of overseas gold companies.

At the Congress, SD-Gold was awarded “one of the China Top 10 Gold Production Enterprises”; Shandong Gold Smelting Company was awarded “one of the China Top 10 Gold Smelting Enterprises”, and Shandong Province was awarded “one of the China Top Ten Gold Producing Provinces (Districts)”. Relevant media such as The Chinese Newspaper of Land and Resources, China Mining News, China Nonferrous Metals News, China Gold News, and conducted in-depth interviews and publicity reports on SD-Gold.

SD-Gold has participated in the China Gold Congress and Expo for three consecutive times. Organized by the China Gold Association and the World Gold Council, the Congress and Expo has become an important window for information issue, brand display, promotion of new products and new technologies of the Chinese and foreign gold industries, as well as an important platform to promote deeper exchanges, share successful experience and jointly seek the development between Chinese and foreign gold industries. The contents of the Congress covered the entire industry chain of the gold industry, which were divided into summit forums, industry exhibitions and parallel forums. Twenty-nine forum activities were held, attracting nearly 2,000 delegates and guests from 25 countries around the world.

Liu Qin, secretary of Party Committee and president of SD-Gold Resource Exploration Division attended the Congress.

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