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Environmental Protection

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Keep the environment clean Protect the earth, our home

Guided by the concept of ecological civilization, in the course of production, we design, build and put into use the facilities that prevent environmental pollution and ecological destruction at the same time as we do the major works. We follow such requirements like reasonable development, effective use of resources, regular management of enterprises, environmentally friendly production process and ecologically friendly mine environment, and commit ourselves to building ecological mining. And we promote environmental protection by saving energy and resources, reducing discharges and preventing pollution.

More than 200 million yuan is invested in environmental protection every year. We now have 11 national green mines. All mines are required to reach the standards for national green mines by the end of “the thirteenth five-year plan period”.

Recycling economic development mode

We extend the mineral resources industrial chain according to ecological laws and promote recycling economic development mode. The single development and utilization mode in which resources are wasted and ecological environment is damaged has been replaced by a diversified development mode which combines resource utilization and ecological protection. We make reasonable use of land, conduct clean production and utilize wastes comprehensively so that “zero discharge” of solid wastes, cyanide-containing wastewater and various wastes is realized in real terms.

Clean production management

According to “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Promoting Clean Production”, we carry out all-round clean production. We also make technological innovation, adopt new processes and new methods, eliminate energy-intensive processes and equipment, extend the renovation schemes that can help with recycling economy and resource saving, and introduce new technologies, to accelerate the upgrading and renovation of equipment, keep pollutants up to certain standard and reduce energy consumption.


Treatment of wastewater from production

We control and treat cyanide-containing wastewater, dressing wastewater and mine water produced by mines as well as domestic sewage. By actively integrating resources, renovating smelting procedure, building wastewater treatment devices and recycling mine water etc., we accomplish zero discharge of various wastewaters and make 100 percent of treated wastewater reach the standards.

Comprehensive utilization of solid wastes

We fill goaf with tailings and waste rock or manufacture building materials with them. All sulfur concentrate is sold. As a result, occupied land is reduced, environmental pollution is prevented and sales revenues increase.

Reclamation of mining areas and ecological restoration

We actively reclaim mining areas and restore the environment, to improve the environmental quality, especially the environment of tailings ponds that are being used and have been closed. After they are covered with soil and vegetation, their original environment in which tailings are scattered and mud and sand flow all over has been completely changed.



Environmental Protection