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Resource Reserve

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  Under the guidance of “resources and benefits are priorities and innovation is a critical means”, Shandong Gold Group, which has over one thousand tons of gold resources on Jiaodong Peninsula — a place with highly concentrated and rich gold resources, continues to strengthen its geological exploration and resources survey efforts. We have built four bases with over 100 tons of gold resources each in Sanshan Island, Jiaojia, Linglong and Xincheng respectively, with the resource reserve increasing remarkably. Meanwhile, we actively go global to explore resources and own a few resource bases outside Shandong and in foreign countries.

  Shandong Gold now has nearly ten categories of mineral resources, including gold, silver, copper, zinc, iron, molybdenum, vanadium and plaster etc., worth nearly 600 billion yuan in value.

Resource Reserve


Resource Reserve

Xiling gold deposit — the largest monomer gold deposit in China ever recorded in the gold history

  Zhaoyuan, Laizhou, in northwest Jiaodong Peninsula, is one of the most important gold concentrated areas in China, a national monolithic exploration area, as well as one of the rare ultra-large gold rich concentrated areas in the world, and it has the biggest gold reserve and output in China. Densely distributed with gold mines with large deposits, such as the gold deposit of Linglong-Jiaojia style that is globally well-known, this region has become an important gold production base of Shandong Gold Group. Xiling gold deposit, next to Sanshan Island gold mine, originates in this area. The geotectonic location of its mining area is at the west of North China block - North Jiaodong Peninsula fault-uplift - North Jiaodong Peninsula uplift, with Yimu fault zone to the west and Linglong super unit invasion rock to the east. The development of deep fault in the mining area provides unique conditions for gold rich and concentrated ore.

  Shandong Gold Group has always attached importance to resources exploration and reserve. As early as the beginning of this century, based on its early exploration results and research theory, it made geological exploration in a gradual way. In the sixteen years afterwards, we kept improving our implementation schemes and adjusted project arrangements, and after investing around 320 million yuan, drilling 88 holes and 133,000 meters and testing over 20,000 various samples, we finally discover Xiling gold mine, an extra large gold deposit that has developed for eons and has been buried more than 1,000 meters deep. The deposit is over 2,000 meters long along the ore body orientation. The single ore body is 67 meters thick in some places. Now the detected gold is 382.58 tons in weight, with an average grade of 4.52 g/ton. The discovery was registered with the Department of Land and Resources of Shandong Province on Mar. 8, 2017. Currently, the exploration stage has officially begun, and after infilling drill holes, the deposit is expected to produce over 550 tons of gold resources cumulatively two years later, with potential economic value reaching more than 150 billion yuan, and will become the largest monomer gold deposit in China recorded in gold history. If the production capacity reaches 10,000 tons per day, production may be carried out without interruption for 40 years at full rates.

Resource Reserve

Resource Reserve